Saturday, March 19, 2005

Getting Ready for Spain

I will pack for the trip on Monday evening (3/14). For now I'm putting travel-to-Spain stuff in one corner of the bedroom. There are still incidentals to buy, but the basics - like travel clothes, shoes, toiletries - have been purchased.

On Monday afternoon Jan will drive from her home in Youngstown, Ohio to Columbia. It takes about 6 hours. Once she's here and rested we will finalize packing, consolidating wherever possible.

Tuesday we want to be at the airport (BWI) by noon. There we board a Delta flight to Atlanta, Georgia. After a two hour layover we take another flight to Madrid. This is a read-eye flight. I want to get some sleep so that early Wednesday morning when we arrive I will not be atotal zombie.

Oh, dear. I just heard on the news that Delta will no longer give out pillows! Great timing. Oh well, no biggie.

I hope to find cyber-cafe's as I travel through Spain. If I do I will post to this blog site. If not I'll post when I return - March 28.

Hasta luego